Cassandra’s Art History


Most  Spectacular Hat;Women’s Guild of New Orleans Opera Assoc.1988(Mad Hatter’s

Marry’m-Bury’m Hat-Enchanted Minikins)

Bronze Alpha Award;Fashion Object of Art;Southwestern Region 1993(Flower Bimbo Doll &

Leafy Seahorse)

Best of Show;New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 1993(Enchanted Minikin’s Outer Space

Booth &Cajun UFOaux Jazz Bone Band)

Best Display;New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 1995(Swamp Booth-Alligators & Critters) Quest  for America’s Best;QVC Cable TV Network Retailer 1995(Lucky Mardi Gras Doll& Legend)

Honorary Teacher of Social Harmony;Aids Project Harmony 1996(Dead Sea Scrolls) Artists of  The White House Christmas Tree Ornaments;Washington,D.C.1998(Cajun UFOaux Snowman-Louisiana Voodoo Doll)




One Man Show;at the Rolls Royce Cup;Houston,TX 1983(Classic Cars&Corvettes) Galveston Fire Dept.,Galveston,TX 1983(Unit 301 Fire Engine)

23rd Slidell Artists League’s Exhibition 1985(20th Century Medusa & Gateway to Antiquity)

251h Regional Juried Art Exhibit;Slidell 1987(Kublai Khan&Buffalo Dancer)

Louisiana Arts & Science Center;Baton Rouge 1987(Texcalibur, Marsupial Twigg, Spirit World: Magic Table w/6 Spirit People,&Indian Sand Painting)

Downtown Gallery;New Orleans 1989(The Last Parade,Chastity in the 7th Ether of Leo & Storyville

Voodoo Curse)

Louisiana Arts & Science Center;Baton Rouge 1996 (Dead Sea Scroll V: Heart Doll, & Canvas Scroll: The 11th Commandment: Let No Man Issue Summary Judgment Against Mankind)

Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000;Movie Opening Dec.2000 (Enchanted Minikins,Lips,Magic Talismans&

Paintings: Room 314,Legs,&Call Girl)

Pearl River Art League/2013 Spring Show;Juried 2014(Aggravating Johnny)Honorable Mention

Slidell Art League/Let’s Get Physical;Juried Slidell 2014(Call Girl)2nd Place

Slidell Art League/Art & Bloom;Juried Slidell 2014(All That’s Gold)1st Place

Slidell Art League/Bed,Closet,Attic;Juried 2014(Spirit World Table)Honorable Mention



Tammany 24th Spring Art Show;Slidell 1985(Girl&Bird)

Contemporary Art Center;New Orleans,International Competition 1986(Sometimes He Hits Me) Women’s Chef Show Off VIII; New Orleans 1993(Sometimes He Hits Me,&Print-Summary Judgment) Pearl River Art League/2013 Spring Art Show; Juried 2013(War Baby)2nd Place Contemporary Dolls

State of La.,Div. Of the Arts;Juried Logo”Handmade by Louisiana Craftsman”,Baton Rouge 1987-2001

Downtown Gallery;New Orleans 1989

Friends of the Cabildo -Div.Of Louisiana State Museum,New Orleans 1989-1990

Gibbs Gallery;New Orleans 1992/1993

New Orleans Museum of Art;New Orleans 1993

A Place of Art II;Bay St.Louis, Miss.1993(Dead Sea Scroll IV&  Zulu Baby) New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival;1993-1997

Le Mieux Gallery;New Orleans 1993-1998

Louisiana Arts&Science Center;Baton Rouge,La.1996

Marceline Bonorden Gallery;New Orleans 1997-1998

The Book Store;Vicksburg,Miss.(Junior League Xmas Shows:Louisiana, Miss.,Ala.,Florida)1993-1997

The White House;Washington D.C.1999

Cajun Village/River Region Art Gallery;Sorrento,Louisiana 2001(Mardi Gras Dolls & VooDoos)

Pearl River Art League/2013 Spring Art Show;Juried Slidell 2013(Princess MardiGras  &Infant

Crawbaby)3rd Place&Honorable Mention

Slidell Art League/Let’s Get Physical;Juried Slidell2014(Mardi GrasPrincess)3rd Place

Cultural Art’s Center/Mixed Media;Juried Slidell2014(Mutiant MarsupialGator)Honorable Mention



Wholesale to Retail Locations­

Hello Dolly,  (Display Room);New Orleans French Quarter 1987-2001 CLOSED

Cajun Mardi Gras I and II;New Orleans International Airport 1986-1987 CLOSED Mardi Gras Imports;Slidell,La.1995-2002 M.G.I. Catalog”Confusion”Voodoo Doll

New Orleans Famous Pralines Company;  New Orleans French Quarter 1996-1997

Rumors I and II;New Orleans French Quarter 1997-1998

Windsor  Court Hotel;Signature Boutique,New Orleans 1996-1999

Hilton Riverside;Crescent City Gifts,Riverwalk,New Orleans 1996-1999

The Museum Company;  Riverwalk,New Orleans 1998-1999

W.H.Smith,Inc.;New Orleans International Airport 1998-1999

W.H.S.·Raddison Hotel;New Orleans 1999

W.H.S.·Fairmont Hotel;New Orleans 1999

W.H.S.-Sheraton Hotel;New  Orleans 1999

W.H.S.-Rio Casino;(Voodoo Lounge & Mardi Gras Village);Las Vegas,NV.1998-2001



GHOST-MART Macabre Museum &Night Gallery;CaSSandra,Owner Slidell,La.1983-1987

Cable TV”Talk of the Town”;Mardi Gras Interview%  hr.Ghost-Mart 1985

The Daily News;”Rico,30 Years of Fire fighting Memorabilia”Unit 301,Galveston,Tx 1985

Channel 2 News;Paris,France CaSSandra’s Home-Studio,Slidell,La.1994

Times Picayune;”She doesn’t  hide her masquerade mania”  Our  Town,Slidell,La.1985

Daily Times;”An Artistic Treasure”Life and Leisure,Slidell,La.1986

Times Picayune;”Bizarre Backdrop”Entertainment,New Orleans 1986

Daily Sentry News;”Artist with a flare for the unusual”Lifestyle,Slidell,La.1986

Times Picyune;”CAC show has a conscience,not much artistic interest”New Orleans 1986

Times Picayune;”Musee de Msquerade”  In Our Town,Slidell,La.1987

Daily Sentry News;”Krewe  of Mona Lisa & Moonpie”CaSSandra-Mona Lisa, Focus 1987

Times Picayune;”Mona Lisa goes’ Along  the lsm Trail’  Queen Mona Lisa, Parades 1987

Sun Magazine,Gallery;Contemporary Art in La.Has Vigor”,Baton Rouge,La 1987

State Times;”Louisiana Competition Art Shown”,Baton Rouge,La 1987

Daily Sentry News;”More to See in St.Tammany”  Ghost-Mart, Slidell,La 1988

Times Picayune;”Mad Hatter Merriment”Most Spectacular Hat,New Orleans,1988

Sentry News;  “Fall for Art”Painting-  ROOM 314 Spotlight,Slidell,La.2001

Times Picayune;”Asian  pieces part of inspiring exhibit”Art West,Slidell,La.2001

The St.Tammany Advocate;”Cultural Collage”Doll Maker-CaSSandra  Slidell,La.2014



Daily Sentry News;”Dolling it Up”Neighbors,Slidell,La.1987

New Orleans Tourist News;”Hello Dolly has baskets of VoodooDolls by CaSSandra”1990

New Orleans Tourist News;”Enchanted Minikins”are handmade dolls with a Louisiana theme 1991

Times Picayune;”Seeds of imagination sprout into whimsical dolls”Columinist,New Orleans 1988

Faita La Main;”A Source Book of Louisiana Crafts”State of La. Div. Of the Arts, Baton Rouge,La.1988

Museum Digest;Friends of the Cabildo,”Louisiana Character Dolls”New Orleans 1989

Times Picayune;Jazz Fest Spotlight”A Look at Local Artists”Community,Slidell,La.1993-1997

Daily Sentry News;”Slidell  doll maker earns Alpha Award”Business,Slidell,La.1993

New Orleans Museum of Art;”Art in Bloom”Garden Study Club,1993

New Orleans Magazine;”Voodoo  &Pin Pals”Hello Dolly Voodoo’s 1993

Sea Coast Echo;”A Place of Art II”Community,Bay St.Louis,Miss.1993

The Picayune;”Familiar  Tammany Faces to Watch for at Jazzfest”Slidell,1993

Times Picayune;Art Writer,”Jazzfest  Offers Cream of Crafts”,  New Orleans 1993

Times Picayune;”QVC:Companies get a cable showcase”Money,New Orleans 1994

The Picayune;”Local Faces at Jazzfest’94”,Slidell,La.1994

Gambit;”Le Mieux Galeries salutes Jazz Fest Artists”New Orleans 1995

The Picayune;”A Look at Local Jazzfest Artists”,Slidell,La 1996

This Week in New Orleans;Hello Dolly”Magical Wonderland”of Dolls!1996

The Picayune;Arts&Entertainment,”St.Tammany Talent at Jazzfest”  Slidell,La 1996

EVA Magazine,London;”My Voodoo Dolls Make Dreams Come True”England 1996

Sunday Advocate;”Coffee  With”Baton Rouge,La.1996

Slidell Picayune;  “Unique Gifts,Treasures from the NorthShore”  Slidell,La 1996

Times Picayune;”Artistis Possessed by Her Enchanted Dolls”Slidell,La. 1997

Times Picayune;”Artist’s Work at White House”Slidell,La.1998

Daily Sentry News;CaSSandra Seefeld Presents…”Cajun UFOaux Snowman” Slidell Artist has Piece Picked for White House Slidell,La.1998

Southwest Airlines Magazine;”Airport  Gifts”Lucky Money,1999

The Ascension Citizen;”All Dolled Up”,Ascension Living,Gonzales,La.2001


Downtown Picayune;”         ”         “Dolls Soldon Royal Street”,New Orleans,La.2000

WWL-TV;”Action Report/Cystic Fibrosis-Lorelei&Mermaid Angel Dolls”,  New Orleans,La 2000

Mardi Gras Imports Catalog 2001;”Confusion Carnival Doll”,Slidell,La 2002

Scene 4 International Magazine of Theatre,Film & Media,Focus Interview;Steve Esquerre consorts with CaSSandra,Painter Internet 2004

Documentary/Movie”Running  Stumbled”  By John Maringuin,CaSSandra Credits;Film Festivals 2006

The St.Tammany Advocate,”Cultural Collage,Doll Maker CaSSandra-“Slidell,La.2014



River Region Art Gallery;  “Faces”Sorrento,La.2001

Aladin Gallery;”Fall for Art”Covington,La.2001(New Series Return to Painting  2001)

Slidell Art League 42nd Regional Exhibit,Juror Amy Weiskopf;”Screwball Painters”Slidell,2004

Slidell Art’s Evening,Glamour Pig Salon & Art Gallery;Artists: JROE & CaSSandra,Slidell,2004

Rock&Bowl,Fundraiser for Cancer,Print”Call Girl”&”Lucky Money”Doll,Metarie,La 2012

MOVIES & CELEBRITIES Enchanted Minikins·

Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney-“Baby Bauchus”;Suzanne Somers-“Tomato Bimbo”;President

Carter and Roselyn Carter visited Minikin’s Jazz Fest booth 1997,Amy Carter bought”Alien  Head”.

King of Rex 1999 has”King of Rex’99″doll.  Angela Hill, Channel 4 Anchor, New Orleans has Crawbaby.

President Clinton and Hilliary have”Cajun UFOaux Snowman”for the White House permanent Christmas collection.Mr.&Mrs.Jim Mora(Saints)Collectors’  Movies filmed in New Orleans:French Silk,used the original”Black Voodoo Doll”in their voodoo ritual.Conspiracy of Fear,unfinished dolls as background.WesCraven’s Dracula 2000″lpsy”,”Zulu Baby”,Mardi Gras,Skullface,Jazz Bone& Voodoos.Three paintings are in the movie:”Legs”,”Call Girl”and”Room 314″.






Book:  A RIVER OF EMOTION,Poetry.Com Title:SKITZY,Internet2002



Louisiana Council on Child Abuse,New Orleans 1988.Pres. of W.I.L.L.  (Women in Louisiana

Litigation)Self-Help_Group 1990-2012.Lorelei Mace Fund,Cystic Fibrosis,Picayune,Miss.1999-

  1. Aids·Project Harmony,Baton Rouge,La.1996;Child Abuse-Circus Gala,New Orleans 1989; Battered Women-Chef’s Show Off VIII,New Orleans 1993;New Orleans Museum of Art·Art in Bloom,

1993;Fashion·Alpha Awards 1993-1996;New Orleans Opra Assoc.-Mad Hatter’s 1988.The Lions

“Trace”for Charity 2001.Zeitgeist Music Festival;Volunteer  for the Arts 2001.Rock&Bowl,Zeringue

Fundraiser for Cancer 2012.



Outrageouscontemporarycraftsoftsculpturedollsexplodingwithcolor.Spaced-out creations in neon colors and mind-boggling designs.Extraterrestrial ascendants linked to Mardi Gras that satirize Life and Death,Occult,Politics,Injustice,Law,and the Spirit of Luck.1stGeneration.



Folklore of the Louisiana Bayou Country.Where the infusion of random species is a bio-chemical interaction with Cajuns.2nd Generation Dolls.



Mystical,mischievous part-plant,part-animals.Criters Creations of a fragile eco-system.3rd

Generation Dolls.




Every character has a story or instructions.  Samples:

“Louisiana Swamp Moss Mummy”;Creole  Tomato&Tomato Bimbo,”Where Have All The Creoles Gone?”;Bananas Ya Ya & Bananas Foster,”Flamboyant Flaming Fruits”;Magic Abracadabra,”Community Harmony Coffee Beans”;Escargo,”Interview With a Snail”;Poison Dancers,”Mistic Rites&Healing Arts”;Legend of Lorelei,”Mermaid Angel with CF,Fish-Stick­ Fly-Blowfish”&Gloryaureole,”The’Gift’Angel”;Catahoulasaurus&Catahoulapumas,”Blue Moon Doggies”;KingKake,”King Kake for Kommon’s”;Crawalligtor,”Reversible Half-Be­ Knowns”;Dead Sea Scrolls,”Alien Planisphere”;Lucky Voodoo,”The Religion of the Knight”; Lucky Money,”Do You Believe in Luck”?